LED Beauty Selfie Camera Lens

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Products Description


The rack-mounted design, which consists of a wide-angle lens and a circumferential array of LED lights composition.


Use eight color temperatures greater than 8000K LED lamp beads as the light source, in low-light mode can work four hours, can work under high light mode 4.


The world's first smartphone Wide fill light Twinkle-Ring, this new product with innovative product solution to the challenges currently popular in the streets of the self-timer artifact.


Unlike the current popularity of the self-stick with a telescopic function, Twinkle-Ring uses rack-mounted design,which consists of a wide-angle lens and a circumferential array of LED lights composition, with USB built-in rechargeable power supply, mobile phone users through the alignment of this product front camera grip can be achieved self-timer function,the use of wide-angle lens, the area becomes a greater self-timer, but with the LED fill light better address the current weakness of the phone is not pre-flash.


Twinkle-Ring compact, battery capacity of 370mAH, which uses 8 color temperature is greater than the LED lamp beads 8000K as a light source, in low-light mode can work four hours, under high light mode can work 45 minutes, at the same time with a white,transparent or orange color filter ring for enhanced personalization shooting.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x LED Beauty Selfie Camera Lens with Transparent / White / Orange Filters



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