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LCD Sphygmomanometer Fully Automatic Arm Style Electronic Pulse & Blood Pressure Monitor (ZK-B872)
RM39.10 RM83.00
LCD Sphygmomanometer Fully Automatic Arm Style Electronic Pulse & Blood Pressure Monitor (ZK-B872)
Price RM39.10 RM83.00
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Traditional Blood Pressure monitors are very big, bulky, and it is nearly impossible to use them without assistance. Well, a brand new blood pressure meter is innovated and our arm style blood pressure monitor is very convenient with some simple steps. Digital filter technology makes monitor to identify systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heartbeat rate at high accuracy. Ease-to-read LCD screen features large digits that show the readings compare to normal home blood pressure level. 


  • Large-scale digital display screen for clear view
  • Intelligent and automatic compression and decompression
  • Simultaneous measurement of blood pressure and pulse
  • Designed for 2 people, can memorize 99 sets of data and time
  • With voice function, easier to operate
  • High quality arm band for great wearing comfort
  • Ideal for daily self-examination, take care of your health anytime
  • Lightweight, you can also take it on the trip
  • The blood pressure monitor with large LCD display, convenient to use.
  • Fashionable outward
  • Light and compact
  • Voltage power detection, Low power consumption
  • General the blood pressure of right upper limb higher than the left, and 2.4 mmHg between them. The blood pressure of lower limb is higher 2.4 mmHg than the upper.
  • The blood pressure drops after smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, taking ashower
  • The blood pressure is changing all the time, it belongs to normal phenomenon for each measurement. Only at the same time each day, use the same posture, in the same mood and position for measurement can be get the comparable measurement value.
  • For high blood pressure patients should measure blood pressure, and take the correct health management intervention and treatment to control normal pressure. So we need measure blood pressure regularly.
  • Measuring blood pressure often, can control of your blood pressure and body condition in time. Good to detect, treat, control hypertension early and avoid causing disease of heart head blood-vessel, stroke and other serious consequences.



  • Display: LCD digital display, Legible
  • Voice: With Automatic voice function
  • Auto power off:Auto power off when no operation for 1 minute
  • Suitable for health care (medical field, familes and adult)
  • Static Pressure: ± 0.4kPa (± 0.3mmHg)
  • Mode: Oscillometric Method
  • Pressure: 0~37.3bkPa (0 mmHg ~ 280 mmHg)
  • Pulse: 40~199 times/min
  • Wristband Pressure Display Range: 0 kPa ~ 39.9kPa (mmHg ~ 299 mmHg)
  • Power supply: DC6V
  • Model: ZK-B872
  • Weight: 0.5kg (batteries excluded)
  • Dimension(L X W X H): 140mm X 108mm X 70mm
  • Type: Household Sphygmomanometer
  • Resolution: 0.1kPa (1mmHg)
  • Temperature used: 5°C ~ 40°C


The blood pressure of everyone are changing all day

It changes with the mental state, time, seasons, body temperature


1) Mental state :

  • The changes of angry ,nervous, fears , excited and pain, can make the systolic blood pressure (high pressure) higher, and diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) did not change

2) Time and Sleep:

  • General blood pressure at evening is higher than morning, the blood pressure at night is the lowest, it rises rapidly after morning, There have a peak at 6:00-10:00 AM and 4:00 to 6:00 PM and slowing decline in the future. The blood pressure slightly higher when we are excessive fatigue and poor sleep.

3) Season:

  • The blood pressure will rise at cold situation , it is reduce under the environment of high temperature .


Use methods and precautions:

  • STEP1: Keep relaxed before measuring sit down quietly for a moment
  • STEP2: Palms up, put the wrist band parallel to the heart
  • STEP3: Palms up, keep the intake pipe and the arteries parallelled
  • STEP4: Wrap the wrist band around your arm tightly in the opposite direction, paste together
  • STEP5: Place one finger into it is the most appropiate
  • STEP6: Keep the wrist band parallelled to the heart, palms up
  • STEP7: Press the on/off button, keep relaxed and start measuring
  • STEP8: High pressure, low pressure, pulse instantly displayed after 40 seconds


Package Includes:

  • 1 X Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • 1 X Certificate
  • 1 X Wrist Band
  • 1 X Product Manual
  • 1 X Storage Bag





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