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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Multi-functional storage rack
  • It can store the seasoning jar and bottle
  • In chopsticks rack can keep the spoon, fork and shopstocks
  • 4 Grids to put the different seasonings
  • The grids are transparent colour
  • It can clearly to look and distinguish which seasoning to keep
  • Double layers storage box
  • Large capacity
  • Great space saver.
  • Easy to use
  • Space saving by expanding and customizing according to the space available.
  • No tools needed Ready to use
  • Highly durable and easy to use and easy handling.
  • Helps maximize available storage space in otherwise cluttered cabinets.
  • Great for other small spaces as well
  • Easily classify your belongings and be well organized
  • Spacious and convenient
  • Made by PP material
  • With 4 spoons
  • 100% Brand new and High quality
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • A great home decoration for your living room and also bedroom
  • Nordic appearance, fit any kind of your decoration style
  • High quality iron material, won’t rust easily
  • Decorate the walls with flowers, books and crafts with this iron rack
  • Make your room more clean and stylish.
  • Hang on the wall or place it on the table adds a touch of minimalism to your house
  • Suitable for filling empty space above table, fireplace, dressing table, beside window, etc
  • You can place them directly on the table as a decoration or mount them on a wall
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Precise workmanship and beautiful shape.
  • These stylish contemporary wall shelves are an ideal storage solution for your home.
  • Minimalist modernist style to create a simple room environment
  • Available in three elegant colours; Black, White, Gold
  • 100% Brand new and High quality
  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic design, more efficiently and comfortably
  • Multi-direction wheel move smoothly on floor
  • Unique design of tilted backrest is perfect for relax during your busy working time
  • Adjustable angle to enjoy the leisure function
  • Smooth casters protect your floor
  • Good range of height adjustability to ensure you are at optimum angle in relation to your desk
  • Ergonomic armrest fitting arm, natural comfort
  • The back and waist of the human vody how to do it is comfortable so that you do not feel any pressure
  • It is perfect to decorate your home office, corporate board room with this chair
  • Easy moving with greater stability
  • Comfortable & Convenient
  • Placed in the living room or bedroom
  • Creates more space
  • Durable, breathable and easy-to-clean fabric
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Comfortable and Good Support
  • good touch feeling
  • Comfortable to sit on it
  • 100% Brand new and High quality
  • This portable vacuum allows you free movement from every part of your car
  • It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed which will help you escape from fatigue clean
  • You can pick up dust buster, pet hair of your cats or from the dust of your cigarette easily and quickly
  • Gives you comfortable cleaning experience
  • Durable to be used in wet/dry conditions
  • Portable car dry vacuum cleaner, which can be used both at home and in the car
  • Pretty convenient to operate and safe to use
  • Featuring stylish design and powerful motor
  • It is a reliable helper which ensures thorough cleaning for houses and cars
  • Powerful handheld vacuum adopted high-speed spinning motor, equipped with high quality aluminium battery
  • Crevice nozzle is suitable for sucking up little liquid messes and dusts of stairs, floors, shelves, drawers and so on
  • You can use this car vacuum whenever and wherever you want for your car
  • Extension hose provided to clean a place that is hard to reach such as under a seat
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Precision motor and low vibration
  • Ultra-quiet design, can eliminate working noise with only about 60 db.
  • Powerful motor which is made of fine copper
  • Will not pinch and hurt pet hair.
  • 5-speed fine adjustment of the blade.
  • Light weight
  • Cordless design
  • Easy to use.
  • Charge for five hours and last for 60 minutes.
  • Blades combined with removable ceramic blades enable efficient and long-term cutting
  • The ceramic blades of pet hair clippers will not rust.
  • It is always sharp and ensures high durability.
  • Adjustable combs are suitable for cutting different lengths of hair; and detachable guide combs, which can quickly and easily change combs and increase versatility.
  • Grooming your pet now can just be done at home
  • High transparency of film which allow for long shelf life as well as tear resistance
  • Excellent lightweight properties and high degree of flexibility with good toughness
  • Excellent static-free characteristics and regular spaced bubbles as major factor for cushioning
  • Bubble wrapis a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items.
  • Suitable for personal use or retail or online store usage(courier delivery protection)
  • Protects contents during shipping
  • Cushioning protection for valuable and delicate item
  • Lightweight, water resistant, reusable and non-scratching
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Stuffed and plush design
  • Not easily deformed
  • A great birthday gift for pets or children
  • It is made of super soft plush, and it feels very good
  • Quality assurance
  • Made of premium quality fleece fabric
  • Cotton stuffing
  • No need to worry about allergies
  • Can be cleaned without fear of fading
  • It is the best gift for children
  • Carefully sewn, no need to worry about the quality
  • The appearance is novel and lovely, giving you a good mood every day
  • Odourless, whether on the pillow or on the desk, is an excellent choice
  • Toys with "bee bee" sound
  • Can be cleaned without fear of fading
  • Comfortable fabrics have plush fabrics, feel smooth, delicate texture, comfortable, quality materials, vivid style, personalized home dolls, bring you a warm and comfortable experience
  • The product uses a three-dimensional stitching technology
  • Product details are in place
  • Filled with PP cotton, held in the arms, comfortable and flexible, delicate touch, all parts filled with even filling, not easily deformed
  • Ultra-soft fleece fur making it great for hugging and cuddling
  • Safe for all ages
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Close-up stereo modeling
  • Exquisite worksmanship
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use especially for camping, hiking, travelling etc.
  • Insulates both hot and cold
  • Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel lining and PP food-grade materials, ensure the health of drinking water, quality and stability
  • The bottle won’t rust easily because of the material used
  • The handle is perfectly designed for easy grip
  • Leak proof Design: Can prevent the liquid from leaking effectively, put it in your bag and do not worry about getting wet.
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish and modern design, suitable for both gender
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • High-quality stainless steel, solid and durable, no deformation.
  • Plastic handle, scald-proof and more resistant to rising heat.
  • It is used to store food to be taken to work or school.
  • Very suitable for picnic
  • It will add style and convenience to people's lives.
  • It is easy to carry, compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean and simple design.
  • Non-toxic, healthy and safe to use
  • Large capacity,you can put more food or snack
  • The lid with extended fastening design,close the lid and box tightly
  • The design of this elegant lunch box is modern and simple.
  • The outer part of the lunch box is made by food grade PP material and inner part is made by high quality stainless steel
  • This elegant lunch box is suitable for both own use or as gift for your friends and family.
  • Leak proof technology that keeps meals and snacks fresh. 
  • Beautiful pastel colours to be chose
  • Made of high temperature resistant environmental food grade material.
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Strong, stable and withstand heavy weight
  • Anti-dust
  • Fully covered to prevent insect enter the cabinet
  • Multi functional cabinet for various household needs
  • Suitable use for home, office and hostel
  • Swing plastic door for easy organise and storage
  • Export quality assurance
  • Middle drawers storage unit, suitable for bedroom, office, and garage or anyplace that needs organizing. 
  • Light weight and easy to move
  • This storage cabinet is perfect to tidy up your clothes in any room or closet space - built-in drawer stops prevent fall out. 
  • Fitted with standard slide draws for smooth operation and durability
  • Made in malaysia
  • Large space and saving
  • Solid and durable
  • Swinging plastic door for easy organise and storage
  • 3 Tier Drawer Cabinet