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Baby Safety
Baby Safety
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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Environmentally friendly and odorless
  • Shock absorption rebound
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant
  • The five-stage design and the new triangular folding shaft make folding fast and convenient.
  • The same area, smaller after folding, can be placed in a small space such as the bottom of the bed or sofa.
  • High density compression XPE
  • Soft, casual crawling is not afraid of slipping and can give the baby a slight massage, the touch is more comfortable.
  • The surface is healthy and tasteless thick matte film, which enhances the scratch resistance and is not afraid of baby buckle.
  • Easy to fold
  • Anti-slip
  • Non-toxic and tasteless
  • 5 layer Structure design, 360 degree protection
  • Same thickness , different density
  • Soft & resilient which protect baby knee from injuries
  • Cold & heat insulation , a favorite year-round play mat
  • Anti slip pyramid texture
  • Waterproof & stain-resistant easy to clean
  • 155 x 196cm double sides non-slip waterproof 
  • Double sides with colorful patterns, your babies can also have an impression of alphabet and animals
  • Flexible and soft, hygienic and safe, water-proof and easy to clean
  • A soft floor surface for babies and children to play on for all ages
  • Super light weight
  • Compact, use less storage space
  • Made of XPE material, safe and clean for babies, eco-friendly and no odor 
  • Double sides usable, with the cute cartoon patterns, make your baby enjoy playing games 
  • Foldable design, quick and convenient to pack up and store after using
  • Multiple double L-shape lines on the surface, anti-slip and comfortable 
  • Compact size, does not occupy large space, simply put it under the sofa or table at home after folding up 
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to take with you for outdoor activities like picnic
  • 100% brand new
  • 100% high quality
  • Easy to care
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Beautiful and safe quality choice for children's comfortable sleeping environment
  • Increased safety guardrail rounded sanding encryption design is safer and more beautiful
  • The materials used in environmental safety standards are produced by high quality and environmentally safe.
  • Rounded, curved bedside line, beautiful hand and delicate encryption design to prevent the pillow from falling
  • The fine structure design ensures the stability of the bed and gives the child a safety guarantee.
  • Preserving a comfortable experience in a minimalist design gives your child a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Longer life the quality of pine furniture is very good and has a good preservation value. It lasts longer than the average wood.
  • Bright and natural wood tones, natural gifts and carvings, fresh and beautiful natural style, let the baby have a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Hard wood makes this furniture very strong, natural appearance and durability. The wood used is thicker than most wood. Very modern and timeless design.
  • The natural texture is very beautiful in appearance. The color is very good. The light wood fragrance can withstand low temperature and drought resistance.
  • Specially grown pine wood physical resistance to strong pressure, strong grip strength, easy to shape, give children a comfortable cot to build their own world, grow up happy every day
  • Paint less, no toxic substances like paint, solvent, lacquer, formaldehyde
  • Safe and healthy for babies
  • Can sustain until 80kg weight
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Easy to portable
  • Made with healthy ingredients, safe and secure, compact and light, easy to carry
  • Wheat-colored
  • Metal-free
  • Self-degradation
  • Environmental health
  • Natural, made of wheat orange pole
  • Resistance to damage
  • Material wheat orange pole
  • Anti-scalding, resistant to 120° high temperature
  • Environmental protection
  • Thickened base, thickened base keeps the bowl steady
  • Smooth and smooth, no shaving and subsequent grinding
  • Natural wheat orange pole for high abrasion resistance
  • One-piece design with smooth curved entrance
  • Colourful, impact resistant, scratch resistant and grip-friendly.
  • Perfect for children who tend to drop, spill and make a mess in their eagerness to learn how to eat on their own.
  • Can be stacked to save space when stored.
  • A sustainable alternative to disposable tableware because it can be re-used.
  • Designed for Kids: Cute animal cartoon pattern, colorful design and ergonomic shape makes this the perfect sish set.
  • Kid Safe: Corner design, protect the baby's little hand.