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Baby Gear
Baby Gear
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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • High stability and sturdy
  • Create a wonderful world for your little adventurer
  • Visual Ventilation Window: Allows everyone to use a secure perspective grid, and the behaviour of the baby
  • The zipper prevents children from leaving when their mom are busy doing housework
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: Thanks to the folding design
  • Can be played anytime and anywhere
  • The use of professional colour design makes the yard eye-catching and will attract children’s attention
  • Indoor and outdoor: Water resistant for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy clean: Designed with a ventilating mesh walls and a nylon bottom for easy clean up. Simply hand wash and wipe down with a damp cloth and soap to keep it fresh and sanitary.
  • The playpen covers a large area that is spacious enough for your kids to play. There's a big space for them to learn to stand, walk, crawl, and even lay down
  • Gives a peace of mind to the parents
  • Comes with basketball net so children can play actively with their friends
  • Available in two colours: Red and Blue
  • Suitable to be given as a gift for their birthday and as Christmas’s Present
  • Strong and durable
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • The all new high view magic stroller with handle bar and soft seat cushion
  • The seat is positioned at an optimum reclining position
  • Our child can sit comfortably and relax while enjoying the ride
  • This one way (front) facing stroller is also equipped with brakes for safety purposes.
  • WITH HANDLEBAR - This magic stroller comes with large handlebar to make sure your child does not feel confined and has enough space to look around comfortably
  • WITH CUSHION - The backrest and seat cushion is made of a soft and breathable material that is both removable and washable
  • WITH SAFETY HARNESS - Comes with a 5 point safety harness that you can adjust accordingly
  • EASY TO FOLD - You do not have to remove any parts or components before folding. Just fold it downwards when you're done for the day
  • EASY STORAGE - As it folds into a compact size, it takes up a very small space and can be stored easily.
  • CABIN SIZE - Can be folded down and taken in - flight. Just check your cabin requirements first as different airlines have different requirements
  • Making your life as parents easier as you don’t have to carry your child anymore, just put them in this stroller!
  • Great for travelling
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in two colours: Red and Silver
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • The baby seat is designed according to the baby's body and spine
  • Suitable for baby 6 months to toddlers children 4 years old
  • Dining trays and chairs are made of PP
  • Multi-function feeding chair which can be used in living room, dining room or anywhere as parents wish
  • Adjustable height positions which allows parents to change from easy feeding to sitting toddler on dining table
  • Detachable cover for easy cleaning purpose
  • With adjustable seat belt to make sure your baby is in a good position
  • Backseat support
  • A highchair makes it easier for small children to eat at the same table as grown-ups, which helps them develop social and eating skills
  • Easy to disassemble and carry along.
  • The raised edges prevent spills from landing on the floor
  • The baby will feel comfortable when using the seat
  • It is pretty easy and quick to assemble, easy to clean with removable covers
  • Available in three colours: Beige, Blue, Pink