Dropship Business Program

Everyone can start a business with:-


1 Determination

0 Stock

0 Capital



Let us show you...



How to sell?


1. Upload product details:

  1. Select products that you want to sell from GDeal.com.my.
  2. Copy details & images to your blog / facebook or other channels.
  3. Set your product selling price.


2. Collect Orders:


3. Order from Us:


4. Shipped & Tracking Code:



*For Super Sellers that have a lot orders, kindly send us order list in email and we will manually process specially for you.


Throughout the process, customer won't know our existance. Only your name is shown in the shipping note.

We are your trusted business partner.


For more information regarding Dropship Business Program, kindly email us at dropship@gdeal.com.my.