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GTE 4-In-1 Non-Stick Maifan Stone Coating Design Wok Pan Pot Set (CW-7112)
RM28.50 RM60.00
GTE 4-In-1 Non-Stick Maifan Stone Coating Design Wok Pan Pot Set (CW-7112)
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Price RM28.50 RM60.00
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  • Composite heat pan bottom, rapid thermal conductivity, heat evenly, not easily deformed
  • Moisture preservation, nutrition and health
  • Highly efficient, locked nutrition
  • Wide side protection pot bottom, durable, not friable
  • Bakelite handle, ergonomic, high temperature
  • Persistent non-stick pan, easy to clean
  • Unique tough and durable non-stick surface
  • Easy to use
  • Maifan health stone coating
  • Value for money
  • Non-toxic, hygienic and safe for food making.
  • Harmless to humans
  • Can be used on all type of stove including induction, gas, infra cooking, electric ceramic cooker and halogen
  • Comes with handle cover that can stand upright by itself
  • Tempered stand up glass lids cover for durability and safety
  • Shiny, non-stick surface and easy to clean
  • Suitable for grill and fry
  • Beautiful in design, attractive in colour and has premium quality materials for making fun, healthy and delicious dishes any time of the day.
  • It is suitable for stewing and double boiling along with other cooking methods.
  • Smokeless function



  • Type: Non-Stick Maifan Stone Coating Cookwere Set
  • Colour: Black
  • Glass Lid: 24cm
  • Wok: Diameter: 30cm, Deep: 8.5cm, Handle: 16.5cm
  • Pan: Diameter: 25.5cm, Deep: 4.5cm, Handle: 16cm
  • Pot: Diameter: 24.5cm, Deep: 16cm​
  • Weight: 2.35kg
  • Suitable for all cooking source electric and gas stove or glass and ceramic



  • Before cooking, please clean the inner and outer of pan to prevent physical colour changes.
  • Please do not put the empty pan on the fire or put those cooking kit in the pan for long time to avoid pan shape changes and affect the pan functionality.
  • Advise to use middle small heat for cooking.
  • In order to protect the non-stick function, suggest to use the wood made or heat resistant kit for cooking.
  • Please stay away from the pan when open the lid.
  • Appropriate amount of cooking oil enhance the non-stick function.


Package includes:

  • 1 x Glass Lid
  • 1 x Maifan Stone Coating Wok
  • 1 x Maifan Stone Coating Pan
  • 1 x Maifan Stone Coating Pot



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