30 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack

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Corner Cushions


  • Big and extra soft to help provide maximum protection for young children during their early walking stage.
  • Ideal for cushioning the sharp corners of tables, shelves and hearths, which toddlers can so easily bump into.


Socket Covers


  • Fit to all exposed plug sockets to help prevent children from inserting fingers ot other items.
  • The special design of these covers enables them to be removed with the plug you need to use, which means no more broken fingernails.


Appliance Lock


  • Helps prevent children from opening ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers and other potentially dangerous appliances.



Toilet Seat Lock


  • Help to prevent children from getting into the toilet bowl.
  • Easily to fit and will help the seat lid securely locked down until it is released by an adult.


Anti-Slam Door Stopper


  • Helps to avoid pinched and trapped fingers from slamming doors.
  • Can also prevent children accidentally locking themselves into a room.


Multi-purpose Lock


  • Easily fitted to help prevent children from opening cupboards, drawers, fridges, freezers, cabinets and chests.
  • Perfect for use on any furniture which has a curved or irregular surface, or which opens and closes at the corner.
  • Can be fitted to wood, glass, metal, plastic, laminated or timber veneer surfaces.




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