2-in-1 Tumblin Monkey Game

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A classic game of skill and action that's easy to learn and fun toplay! Drop the monkeys in the treetop, roll the color die and pull a matching stick, look out don't make the monkeys tumble.
Fun game for family game night.


  • A classic game of skill and action that's easy to learn and fun to play
  • Who collects the fewest number of monkeys
  • wins
  • Perfect for younger kids
  • Comes with a tree
  • 30 monkeys
  • 30 sticks in three colors and special die
  • For two to four players

How to Play


To Start

  • Assemble the tree [see diagram]
  • There are 5 different levels for the sticks.Insert 6 sticks at each level-2 of each color per level.
  • Sticks may be inserted in any derection through the holes to create a random web to catch the monkeys.More than one stick may be placed in a hole.
  • Place all 30 monkeys into the top of the tree.If any monkeys fall all the way through,pick them up and replace them into the top until all monkeys remain in the tree.
  • You are now ready to play.


To Play

  • In your turn,you roll the die,and remove any one stick of the same color from the top level in the tree.
  • If any monkeys fall out of the tree,you must keep them and your turn now ends.
  • Play continuse,with players rolling the die and removing the colored stick from the HIGHEST LEVEL that has that color.
  • When no stick remains in the tree trunk of the color rolled on the die,you are lucky,and do not have to remove a stick in your turn.


The Winner

  • Once all the monkeys have fallen out of the tree,the game ends.The player with the least monkeys is the WINNER.


Package include

  • 1 x GTE 2-in-1 Tumblin Monkey Game




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